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June 2018


A Tribute To Charles Krauthammer

1950 - 2018 


 Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier reflects on the life of Pulitzer Prize winner and Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer.


Vice President Pence tells Pastors to share the "Good News!"



In a last-second surprise appearance before a pastors conference in Washington DC, Vice President Mike Pence outlined how the Trump administration has championed causes important to the evangelical community and implored them to continue to, "share the good news of Jesus Christ.”


May 2018


President Ronald Reagon National Day of Prayer Breakfast 1984



President Ronald Reagan commented on the Roman Coliseum at the National Prayer Breakfast, February 2, 1984:

"This power of prayer can be illustrated by the story that goes back to the fourth century -- the monk (Telemachus) living in a little remote village, spending most of his time in prayer ...

One day he thought he heard the voice of God telling him to go to Rome ...

Weeks and weeks later, he arrived ... at a time of a festival in Rome ...

... He followed a crowd into the Coliseum, and then, there in the midst of this great crowd, he saw the gladiators come forth, stand before the Emperor, and say, 'We who are about to die salute you.'

And he realized they were going to fight to the death for the entertainment of the crowds.

He cried out, 'In the Name of Christ, stop!'

And his voice was lost in the tumult there in the great Colosseum ..."

Reagan continued:

"And as the games began, he made his way down through the crowd and climbed over the wall and dropped to the floor of the arena.

Suddenly the crowds saw this scrawny little figure making his way out to the gladiators and saying, over and over again, 'In the Name of Christ, stop!'

And they thought it was part of the entertainment, and at first they were amused.

But then, when they realized it wasn't, they grew belligerent and angry ..."  

Reagan added:

"And as he was pleading with the gladiators, 'In the Name of Christ, stop!' one of them plunged his sword into his body.

And as he fell to the sand of the arena in death, his last words were, 'In the Name of Christ, stop!' ...

...And suddenly, a strange thing happened.

The gladiators stood looking at this tiny form lying in the sand. A silence fell over the Colosseum. And then, someplace up in the upper tiers, an individual made his way to an exit and left, and the others began to follow.

And in the dead silence, everyone left the Colosseum. That was the last battle to the death between gladiators in the Roman Colosseum.

Never again did anyone kill or did men kill each other for the entertainment of the crowd ..."

Reagan ended:

"One tiny voice that could hardly be heard above the tumult. 'In the Name of Christ, stop!'


It is something we could be saying to each other throughout the world today."



April 2018


God gives her a vision of her future husband and heals her of a brain tumor


God gave Janet Morgan a vision of her future husband and healed her of a brain tumor!

 The last words of Steve Jobs


Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and outdoor


I have come to the pinnacle of success in business.
In the eyes of others, my life has been the symbol of success.
However, apart from work, I have little joy. Finally, my wealth is simply a fact to which I am accustomed.
At this time, lying on the hospital bed and remembering all my life, I realize that all the accolades and riches of which I was once so proud, have become insignificant with my imminent death.
In the dark, when I look at green lights, of the equipment for artificial respiration and feel the buzz of their mechanical sounds, I can feel the breath of my approaching death looming over me.
Only now do I understand that once you accumulate enough money for the rest of your life, you have to pursue objectives that are not related to wealth.
It should be something more important:  For example, stories of love, art, dreams of my childhood.

No, stop pursuing wealth, it can only make a person into a twisted being, just like me.
God has made us to feel the love in the heart of each other, and not illusions built by fame or money, like I made in my life. I cannot take them with me. I can only take with me the memories that were strengthened by love. This is the true wealth that will follow you; will accompany you. He will give strength and light to go ahead.
Love can travel thousands of miles and so life has no limits. Move to where you want to go. Strive to reach the goals you want to achieve. Everything is in your heart. 
Whatever stage of life where we are right now, at the end we will have to face the day when the curtain falls. Please treasure your family love, love for your spouse, love for your friends...
Treat everyone well and stay friendly with your neighbors.


Dennis Quaid sings- "On My Way To Heaven"



Dennis Quaid, star of "I Can Only Imagine", sings a beautiful song he started years ago for his mother.


The Faith of Dennis Quaid 



Dennis Quaid reveals his own faith journey and inspiration for his song On My Way To Heaven, which he wrote on the set of the movie I Can Only Imagine.



17 Famous Celebrites who love Jesus Christ!




Meet the famous born-again Christians who believe in God, Jesus Christ. List include Dr Ben Carson, Kirk Cameron, George Foreman, Phil Robertson, Manny Pacquiao , Denzel Washington, Devon Franklin, David Oyelowo, Angus T Jones, Mark Burnett, Tim Tebow, Ray Lewis.


March 2018


The Deadly Consequences of Unforgiveness



Unforgiveness is classified in medical books as a disease. According to Dr. Steven Standiford, chief of surgery at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, refusing to forgive makes people sick and keeps them that way.



Kathie Lee Gifford Reacts To Death Of Prominent Pastor Billy Graham



 Kathie Lee Gifford reacts to the death of prominent Christian evangelist and personal friend Rev. Billy Graham on Megyn Kelly TODAY. “My whole family came to Jesus through the Billy Graham organization,” she told Kelly.


The Great Servant of the Lord Goes Home!



Rev. Billy Graham, the world-renowned evangelist whose ministry changed the lives of hundreds of millions of people, has died at age 99 at his home in North Carolina.  Graham's impact transformed America's religious life and reached around the world. He eventually became a counselor to presidents and the most widely heard Christian evangelist in history.


February 2018


Aerobic Exercise Changed My Life



In 2014, I weighed 245 lbs.  I also had high blood pressure and high triglycerides. Thanks to aerobic exercise, I am now 50 pounds lighter. I no longer take mediations. My blood pressure and triglycerides are completely normal.  Watch now as a 65-year-old non-runner with flat feet performs an aerobic feat  - a 10 minute miles.  Learn how you too can return to a state of youthful balance by doing aerobic exercise.    


January 2018


Health by Numbers

Make 2018 Your Year to Achieve and Maintain Balanced Health



Are you tired of being sick, taking pills and seeing doctors? Do you want to live a long healthy life free from the debilitating diseases that accompany old age? Authors Mary Ann and Neill Russell share how the nutritional information found inside their extensively researched book, Health by Numbers, transformed their lives back from a state of chronic diseases to complete wellness and balance.  Health by Numbers is your complete guide for correcting your body's chemical imbalances with the most accurate and complete nutritional charts for improving your quality of life and extending longevity.  



December 2017


A Powerful Christmas Story


This Christmas poem is such a beautiful portrayal of the human spirit and such poignant reminder of how each interaction in our lives has significance.  We never know how God will be using us for his purpose! God uses us to plant seeds and then waters them and makes them blossom into mature plants through His love. 



Hope Arrived To Give Her A Second Chance



Feeling unloved by her father and used by a boyfriend, teenager Annie Lobert yearned inside for the power to exact revenge over men. Money to have nice things. To be someone important. It over rode any caution in her life and within a short time she was selling her body, gaining the money she thought was her answer to a better life.  It was a lie. The money instead went to her violent pimp and for many years her world descended into a hell filled with prostitution, cancer, drug addiction and no future. Yet when she cried out to God in her darkest and most dangerous moment, hope arrived to give her a second chance.


By Paul Wilbur


So it has finally happened…

…an American president with enough chutzpah and understanding of reality has declared Jerusalem to be what everyone else knows her to be…the capital city of the State of Israel!

President Trump, sir I salute you.


To try and make a case for any other ‘reality’ for Jerusalem is to deny history, the present day, and the inevitable future.

Approximately 1,000 years B.C., David son of Jesse was anointed a king over all Israel. After the death of King Saul, David defeated many of her enemies, united the tribes, and conquered the Jerusalem fortress, naming the city his capital city, and the capital of the nation.

There he built his White House, established his authority, built his army and ruled for forty years. At his death, he established his son Solomon as king and commissioned him to build the Holy Temple to Adonai on the mountain where Abraham and Isaac had the famous encounter with the Angel of the Lord described in Genesis 22.  


The reality today is even more obvious, even to the casual observer.

In 1948, the land known as the British Mandate was divided into two parcels. East of the Jordan River was given to the Arab population, and west of the Jordan River to the Jews who remained after Hitler’s Nazi Holocaust.

This land would not come without a terrible cost, however, and after an initial battle for the right to possess the land in 1948 against an overwhelming Arab coalition from five countries, Israel maintained possession of most of the land including west Jerusalem.

Many unprovoked wars would ensue, however, and in the famous battle of 1967 called the Six Day War, Israel reunited the eternal city of Jerusalem and restored her authority over the entire city, naming it the capital of the State of Israel once again.


In the future, this will be the city of cities as Messiah, King of the Jews returns to sit on the throne of David and to reign and rule from there for 1,000 years.  


The prophet Zechariah tells us that all nations will be required to come up year after year to worship the King in Jerusalem, or they will have no rain for their lands.  The City of Gold, The City of David, The City of God, The City of the Great King; these are all names for the same city that stands as the eternal capital of the same nation for all these 3,000 years. Only a very gullible or naïve person could be persuaded otherwise; someone who completely ignores history, the present reality, or the inevitable future.


Thankfully, President Trump is neither naive, ignorant, nor afraid to take a stand with the obvious truth, and I believe that this move will make peace much more possible in the very near future.

Several years ago I was ministering in Costa Rica when the Word of the Lord hit me like a ton of bricks. The Lord declared that he was waiting and watching for any nation that would agree with His word and move their embassy to Jerusalem.

He said that a great blessing was waiting to be unleashed on the first nation to believe Him and take a bold stand for the truth. I believe that El Salvador and Costa Rica were the last nations to maintain their embassies in Jerusalem, but because of political pressure, they moved them to Tel-Aviv along with the rest of us.  Many of the people who heard the word that day agreed and began to pray that their leaders would do this thing. Alas, in all this time it seems that the blessing will be given to the United States of America as she takes a bold stand once again for truth.

I personally believe that the US is finally aligning herself with the God of Israel, and the ramifications for our future are very bright.



Young Woman With Down-Syndrome Responds to a U.N. "Expert"


Mr. Ben Achour, expert of the Human Rights Committee of the UN, has made a speech in favor of prenatal eradication of people with Down syndrome.  Watch down-syndrome girl shred his evidence. 




Dr. Joel Wallach, author of Dead Doctors Don't Lie, 

on Diabetes, Cancer, Arthritis, Obesity, Alzheimer, & more!



Dr. Joel Wallach (Founder of Youngevity) covers how to address Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, Infertility, Cancer, Birth Defects, Depression, Alzheimer, Heart Disease and many other diseases and health issues by making simple diet changes and adding essential nutrients that are hard to come by in our current food supply.


Pence Confirms Trump’s Christian Faith



 ‘President Trump Is a Believer and so am I’: Pence Confirms Trump’s Christian Faith to CBN News



She Died of Pneumonia and visited Heaven



 Put into a medically induced coma, Yvonne Sklar suffered multiple organ failure. She visited Heaven and got a message from Jesus for us. She was granted her life back to deliver that message! Here is Jesus's message for you and me.



November 2017



Little girl with compassion for animals



Watch this compassionate child defend her reasons for not eating animal products.



The David Cassidy “Dr. Phil” Interview



Music legend David Cassidy speaks about how he learned he was suffering from dementia.


Why The Flag Means So Much To Americans



Officer Brandon Tatum explains why you cannot disrespect the flag without respecting it, why it means so much to Americans, and why the NFL needs to stop disrespecting it. 



Let There Be Light



Executive producer Sean Hannity releases his faith-based box office success, Let There Be Light. 

Directed by Kevin Sorbo, who also plays the lead role of an atheist having a near-death experience that opens

his spiritually blind eyes to the true light that he once vehemently rejected. 


October 2017


Jim Woodford Died. Look What He Saw in Heaven!


 Jim Woodford was brain dead for 11 hours. He went to Heaven and was sent back to earth with a message —

it’s never too late to cry out to God!


Why adversity is a gift - the story of Tom Brady



May this be a lesson to all of us that determination, heart, and hard work are the key to being successful.


September 2017


Steve McQueen: The True Story You Never Knew 



Steve McQueen truly is an American icon. Recently, Esquire Magazine noted that even 50 years after his career's peak, Steve McQueen "is still the King of Cool." Despite abounding biographies and articles on the acting legend's life, many people are unaware that Steve McQueen was a believer in Jesus Christ.


Mother who chose baby instead of chemotherapy has died



A Michigan woman who sacrificed the chance to prolong her life in order to give birth to her sixth child has died. Nick DeKlyen tells The Associated Press that his wife, Carrie DeKlyen, died early Saturday surrounded by family. He says among the last things he said to her were, “I’ll see you in Heaven.” Doctors removed Carrie DeKlyen’s feeding and breathing tubes on Thursday, a day after she gave birth to her daughter Life Lynn DeKlyen. The mother chose to forgo chemotherapy to treat her brain cancer, since it would have meant ending her pregnancy. Life Lynn was born prematurely and weighs 1 pound, four ounces, but is doing well. The couple from the western Michigan city of Wyoming have five other kids


The Sir Nicholas Winton Story - Saving the Children



Nicholas Winton saved the lives of hundreds of young Jews, one of whom was the CBS's Joe Schlesinger. Both men returned to Slovakia to attend an occasion like no other.


August 2017


Beautiful Exchange


Jeanet Oscario shares her journey from a dark past controlled by satanic influences to a bright present and future filled to overflowing with God's love, hope, joy and everlasting peace. 



What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness | Robert Waldinger




 What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it's fame and money, you're not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you're mistaken. As the director of 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on true happiness and satisfaction. In this TEDTalks  conference, he shares three important lessons learned from the study as well as some practical, old-as-the-hills wisdom on how to build a fulfilling, long life.



Finn from Caravan on Vimeo.


 Watch and share this power testimony of how two loving parents dealt with the rare, tragic diagnosis that their only child had a debilitating genetic disease. Project Alive is a powerful voice for children and adults with Hunter Syndrome, bringing together families and advocates with researchers, industry, and regulators. Project Alive funds promising curative research, assists researchers and industry with designing research studies for our community, and advocates for the most effective and efficient system of clinical research, evaluation, and approval. Through its innovative campaigns and grassroots efforts, Project Alive has made significant advances in public awareness about Hunter Syndrome and its symptoms, the need for early diagnosis, and available treatments and clinical trials.  

Project Alive is a nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Tennessee and is qualified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code with a tax ID of 46-4617970. Project Alive was formerly named Saving Case & Friends, Inc.

The mission of Project Alive is to cure Hunter Syndrome / Mucopolysaccharidosis II through research and advocacy.  To find out how you can help and bring real hope to these stricken children, go to http://projectalive.org/hunter-syndrome/



Meet the pastor mentoring Justin Biebe



 Carl Lentz, the pastor of Hillsong Church in New York City, has made headlines for his influence on Bieber and Irving.



Jim Carrey Talks Jesus During Speech to Former Inmates



Funny man Jim Carrey recently delivered an inspiring message to a room full of former inmates saying they chose to "walk through the gate of forgiveness to grace."




July 2017


The Accurate Story Behind the Star Spangled Banner



The true story of how our national anthem came to be.


The Battle of Fort McHenry, through Francis Scott Key's Eyes



When the British army held Francis Scott Key captive aboard one of their warships during the Battle of Baltimore, they could never have guessed his stay would inspire their enemy's most-patriotic song.

June 2017


Frank Abagnale Story -

    A powerful reminder of the importance of fathers!



Frank Abagnale gained notoriety in the U.S. and overseas for his fraudulent crimes. He was later hired by the FBI as an expert on forgery and document theft, becoming the subject of the film 'Catch Me If You Can'.  Frank's story is a powerful reminder of the importance of fatherhood in the lives of children.


Fred A. Kummerow, an Early Opponent of Trans Fats, Dies at 102



Fred A. Kummerow, a German-born biochemist and lifelong contrarian whose nearly 50 years of advocacy led to a federal government ban on the use of trans-fatty acids in processed foods, a ruling that could prevent tens of thousands of premature deaths a year, died on Wednesday at his home in Urbana, Ill. He was 102.

His family announced his death. He had been a longtime professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Artificial trans fats — derived from the hydrogen-treated oils used to give margarine its easy-to-spread texture and prolong the shelf life of crackers, cookies, icing and hundreds of other staples in the American diet — were ruled unsafe by the Food and Drug Administration partly in response to a lawsuit that Professor Kummerow filed against the agency in 2013, two months shy of his 99th birthday. The ban, announced in 2015, goes into effect in 2018. 

Professor Kummerow was one of the first scientists to suggest that the saturated fat in butter, cheese and meats did not contribute to the clogging of arteries and was in fact beneficial in moderate amounts. This hypothesis, controversial at the time, was proved correct.

His own diet, he said, included red meat, whole milk and eggs scrambled in butter


Bill Maher vs. an intelligent Christian (Maher loses).


The Christian author, Ross Douthat, NY Times columnist, defend his faith and wins!


May 2017


Sheila Walsh - Escaping the Darkness of Depression



Former 700 Club co-host and best-selling author Sheila Walsh shares her personal journey from severe clinical depression to freedom, and her mission to encourage others to seek help.


The Dodie Osteen Story



Doctors told Dodie Osteen she had three weeks to live. But God laughed! For 36 years Dodie has prayed for the sick, cast out demons and ministered compassion to people of all walks of life. She says your destiny lives with the Jesus in you.


Police Officer's Final Act of Kindness



Police Officer's Final Act of Kindness Caught on Tape Before Dying



The Kindness Diaries



Leon Logothetis traded in his desk job to chase his dreams. He went to 40 places in nearly 20 countries in five months, with no money, food or places to stay. Logothetis joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the book about his journey, "The Kindness Diaries: One Man's Quest To Ignite Goodwill and Transform Lives Around the World."



April 2017


Healing Neen



Healing Neen follows the amazing recovery of Tonier 'Neen' Cain from a lifetime of abuse and drug addiction to a career as a nationally-known speaker and educator on the devastation of trauma and the hope of recovery. For 19 nightmarish years, she lived on the streets, racking up 66 criminal convictions, until finally treatment for her trauma offered her a way out and up. Her story points to the consequences of untreated trauma to individuals and society at-large, including mental health problems, addiction, homelessness and incarceration.


I am Second® - Scott Hamilton 


After being diagnosed with his third brain tumor last summer, the Olympic figure skater learned at a February check-up thatthe growth a benign pituitary tumor has shrunk in size without treatment. Hamilton opens up about his past health crises and his enduring determination to serve Jesus.


March 2017


One of the Best PRO-LIFE Speeches EVER - Gianna Jessen - ABORTION SURVIVOR



Gianna Jessen is an abortion survivor. This is the full speech and it is usually only available in two separate parts. Gianna was speaking at Queen's Hall Parliament House in Victoria, Australia on the eve of the debate to decriminalize abortion in Victoria.


 February 2017


Lynsi Snyder - I Am Second


From grief and desperation to fulfillment and joy, this is Lynsi’s story.


January 2017


Nobel Prize Winner shares how to live a long, healthy life



 Have you wondered why some 60-year-olds look and feel like 40-year-olds and why some 40-year-olds look and feel like 60-year-olds? Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and leading health psychologist Dr. Elissa Epel have discovered that there are changes we can make to our daily habits that will lengthen our telomeres and help to keep us vital and disease-free.


Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address



Drawing from some of the most pivotal points in his life, Steve Jobs, chief executive officer and co-founder of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, urged graduates to pursue their dreams and see the opportunities in life's setbacks -- including death itself -- at the university's 114th Commencement on June 12, 2005.


December 2016


The True Story of Desmond Doss - Award-Winning True Documentary of Hacksaw Ridge





Private Desmond Doss walked into the bloodiest battle of World War II’s Pacific theater with nothing to protect himself save for his Bible and his faith in God. A devout Christian and conscientious objector, Doss had enlisted as a medic and refused to carry a rifle.The fighting took place on the hellish Maeda Escarpment in April 1945. The battlefield, located on top of a sheer 400-foot cliff, was fortified with a deadly network of Japanese machine gun nests and booby traps. The escarpment, nicknamed Hacksaw Ridge for the treacherously steep cliff, was key to winning the battle of Okinawa. The mission was thought to be near-impossible, and when Doss’s battalion was ordered to retreat, the medic refused to leave his fallen comrades behind.Facing heavy machine gun and artillery fire, Doss repeatedly ran alone into the kill zone, carrying wounded soldiers to the edge of the cliff and singlehandedly lowering them down to safety. Each time he saved a man’s life, Doss prayed out loud, “Lord, please help me get one more.” By the end of the night he had rescued an estimated 75 men. (The always modest Doss reckoned he saved about 50, but his fellow soldiers gauged it closer to 100. They decided to split the difference.)Now, the unbelievable story has come to life in the Mel Gibson-directed Hacksaw Ridge, with Andrew Garfield starring as Doss. The film earning a 10-minute standing ovation at its red carpet world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September.


She Gave Me More



On a cold December day in 1988, a poor crippled Eastern Shore widow named Aunt Mary Riley shared with me the greatest Christmas gift of all. In the spring of 1990, this same 84-year-old woman was found murdered inside her one room house, stabbed to death by a young neighbor boy high on crack cocaine. According to the world's standards, Aunt Mary had nothing of value, but according to God's standards, she possessed the greatest gift of all. Once again, it is my honor to share the true story of how a 15-minute encounter 26 Christmases ago with a precious lady helped me discover the only true gift of lasting value - a gift so precious, it will last for all eternity!   

Merry Christmas to all of you!
Neill G. Russell, web host of Bemadewhole.net
A Look At Tim Tebow's Life After Football


 The 2007 Heisman Trophy winner discussed his new book, "Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life's Storms," which begins with a "stomach punch" from Belichick in a chapter titled "Cut."


November 2016

The Phil Robertson Story



Three generations. One duck related Dynasty. The Robertson family story told through the lens of Phil, Kay, Jep and Reed. From their humble beginnings and struggle in keeping their family together to a behind the scenes look into the Robertsons' continued commitment to faith, family and ducks amidst their immense success

October 2016


I am Second® - Duche Bradley Story



 Duche Bradley grew up without a father. Anger and loneliness filled the void. As he grew older, these emotions carried him from lonely kid to street punk to brazen drug dealer. Machine guns and shotguns, Saran wrapped crack cocaine, and bloody knuckles set the background for his life.cHe consoled himself by swearing that though his father left him, he would never leave his son. Never. But as dealing drugs moved from part time gig to full-time obsession, his lifestyle caught up. A simple traffic stop turned into a gun-to-his-head haul off to jail and suddenly Duche Bradley was faced with decades of jail and a lifetime away from his son. His feared that his promise to his son would be broken.


September 2016    

This ‘Family of Geniuses’ Show off Benefits of Homeschooling



A multi-talented family has taken Boca Raton, Florida by storm with their incredible academic achievements.


August 2016


Hell Experience of Ex-Satanist - John Ramirez






John Ramirez was a demon worshiper. He was also a high ranking satanic priest in New York. One day, he got invited to church by his girl friend. He got delivered by demons. Now, he is preaching gospel.



July 2016


     Atheist to Christian Testimony - Powerful!




Great story. Professing atheists (not all of course) don't believe GOD exists more along the lines that they don't want Him to exist, therefore writing Him off.


June 2016


'War Room's' Pricilla Shire on the Power of Prayer




Priscilla Shirer, star of the faith-based movie "War Room," spoke with CBN's Efrem Graham about the film, faith, and the real-life power of prayer.


May 2016


         From “Christian” to Lesbian to Born Again: the Emily Satterfeld story




The title of this video tells it all. Please share this power story of a young girl's journey from religion, to worldly sin, to true repentance.



April 2016


  Rory Feek Shares Moving Video of Wife Joey's Emotional Memorial: 'It Was Hard and Beautiful'




In the wake of Joey Feek's death from cancer, the late country singer's husband Rory is opening up about her emotional public memorial.

Held in her hometown of Alexandria, Indiana, on Sunday, the event honored Joey's childhood, years performing with Rory as Joey+Rory and the legacy of love she left behind for the couple's daughter, Indiana, 2.

"In the Alexandria High School gymnasium – the same place where Joey had played basketball and volleyball and cheered for her home team – a few thousand people gathered together in her honor," wrote Rory, 50, on his blog This Life I Live on Friday. "But this time, the cheers were all for her."


Even though he managed to smile at the event, Rory says it was challenging to prepare himself on their way to Indiana from their home in Pottsville, Tennessee, where Joey was laid to rest on March 8.

"A few minutes before, as Indy was still napping, I sat in the back hallway of the bus and did my best to come up with a few words to say ... to thank this town and to lift up my beautiful bride and this community," he penned.

Rory explained how the town has impacted not just Joey's life, but his as well. He reminisced about the first time he visited Alexandria in April 2002, when he proposed to her after just two months of dating. After asking for permission from Joey's father for her hand in marriage, Rory took her for a walk down the road where her brother was killed in a car accident years earlier.

"Back at her mama's farmhouse, I took Joey's hand and we walked west through the dark, down the little lane that they live on," Rory wrote. "We stopped about a quarter-mile away, right in front of the white cross on the side of the road where Justin had been killed.


Rory Feek Shares Moving Video of Wife Joey's Emotional Memorial: 'It Was Hard and Beautiful'| Death, Tributes, Cancer, Country, Music News, Joey Feek


Rory recalled how Joey told him she and her "mama were the first ones to the scene," where she "knelt over her brother" and prayed for him "minutes after the accident that took his life."

He added: "I wanted to change that moment for her ... to try to make it better. To turn that place into a beautiful beginning instead of a heartbreaking ending."

Having made "a hundred trips back" since then, Rory said none have been more special than going back for Joey's memorial on March 13.

"We took one final tour bus ride home. To Joey's town," he shared. "To grieve with and celebrate with the people in her community. And to lift up one of their own with tears and joy and songs and speeches."

Rory thanked the people of the town for their outpouring of love and generosity.




March 2016


In memory of my dear friend, Rose Price 


Rose Price Obituary


                                                           April 3, 1928 - May 16, 2015




Those of us who did not experience the Holocaust firsthand can never truly comprehend it, nor can we really understand how faith triumphs over such terror, but my friend Rose Price tells her story in vivid detail of how a Jew named Yeshua not only saved this Holocaust survivor from her hellish earthly torments from the ravages of unforgiveness, but for all eternity!


February 2016


High pH Coffee!!!





In October of 2014, I was faced with a difficult decision. I had just been diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer. I was also suffering daily from severe joint pain and inflammation throughout my body. I had no other choice, but to take my website's advice and totally eliminate all acidic foods and beverages from my diet; including my all time favorite drink, coffee! Four month after staring my high pH alkaline diet (consuming foods and drinks with a pH of 7 or higher), all of my inflammation was gone, never again to return. Also, in February of 2015, I had my prostate surgically removed and I am now cancer free! The only staple from my daily diet that I truly missed was my morning cup of coffee.  Now- "Praise God!"- over one year later, I can start my day once again with a full cup of hazelnut coffee! Watch this simple experiment I tried two weeks ago that will raise the pH of your daily cup of coffee from a highly acidic 4.5 to a healthy 7.5.




December 2015 

She Gave Me More!
On a cold December day in 1988, a poor crippled Eastern Shore widow named Aunt Mary Riley shared with me the greatest Christmas gift of all. In the spring of 1990, this same 84-year-old woman was found murdered inside her one room house, stabbed to death by a young neighbor boy high on crack cocaine. According to the world's standards, Aunt Mary had nothing of value, but according to God's standards, she possessed the greatest gift of all. Once again, it is my honor to share the true story of how a 15-minute encounter 26 Christmases ago with a precious lady helped me discover the only true gift of lasting value - a gift so precious, it will last for all eternity!   
Merry Christmas to all of you!
Neill G. Russell, web host of Bemadewhole.net



November 2015


         Megyn Kelly Interview With Charles Koch

                 the billionaire that the left loves to hate.





The Koch brothers are often cast by President Obama and Democrats as "boogeymen," who use their fortune to rig the system and buy the country.  Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has mentioned them 289 times from the Senate floor, painting them as "evil." The White House put the brothers on an "enemies list" during the 2012 presidential campaign.  Despite the frequent attacks, the two rarely sit down for interviews.

But tonight on "The Kelly File," Charles Koch talks to Megyn Kelly in a fascinating discussion about what he believes is behind the vitriol and much more.



October 2015





Cathleen Falsani, the author of "Belieber! Fame, Faith, and the Heart of Justin Bieber," talks to KPBS about her book on Justin Bieber and his faith in God.


August/September 2015





A Powerful Story!

Kathie Lee Gifford returns to the co-host seat of the Today Show for the first time since her husband Frank passed away and shares how she and her family are coping with the loss and the personal and touching story of how his faith shaped his life. 



July 2015




The year was 2014. I was sick. Sicker than I had ever been in my entire life! I had inflammation from head to toe. Every joint of my body ached constantly. At times the pain was excruciating! I was also obese. None of my clothes fit anymore. I was also up all hours of the night having difficulty urinating. My PSA, a protein used to measure prostate inflammation and cancer, was off the charts at 21. Physically, I was a 62 year-old physical wreck on the verge of receiving some very devastating news. My urological biopsy results indicated I had aggressive prostate cancer.


That was last year. Today is August 5th, 2005. I am totally pain free, inflammation free, cancer free and 50 pounds lighter. (I am back to my high school waistline!!). How did I do it, you might ask? I took my own advice found at my website, bemadewhole.net. Watch my testimony and find out.


May/June 2015


The Return of the Violin



The story of a violin stolen from a Jewish native of a Polish city after the rise of Hitler almost doesn't deserve mention. After all, Czestochowa was the scene of one of the worst cases of genocide of World War II -- approximately 45,000 Jews were systematically murdered by the Nazis. But that violin -- a priceless Stradivarius -- was owned by the town's most famous resident, the famed violinist Bronislaw Huberman. Before the rise of national socialism, he was considered one of the most prodigious musicians of all time. Born in 1882, no less than composer Johannes Brahms praised his playing. But as a recent film documents, during the war he was a tireless opponent of the Nazis and saved many Jews by bringing them to Palestine to create an orchestra that would become the Israel Philharmonic. "The Return of the Violin" shines a harsh light on the brutality of the German occupiers and sheds light on just how Joshua Bell -- now the world's most famous concert soloist -- came to own Huberman's Strad. 

Testimony of the Month


March 2015

James Foley's parents on their son, faith and forgiveness
The parents of James Foley, the US journalist murdered by the Islamic State, speaks about how they are coping with his death and trying to forgive his killers.

February 2015

The Blind Boy with an Incredible Will


Meet Hamoody Smith, a fearless, wildly ambitious 12-year-old boy.  For a moment when you see him, you are struck by what's different about him physically: The facial disfigurement. The prosthetic eye. The misshapen nose. But within moments all of that is gone, and you are struck by what's different about him in every other way; the life that seems to pour out of him in endless streams, the energy that never ceases, the intellect and the drive. He loves to get physical. You should see him grinding and gutting it out on the wrestling mat. He throws 'em down. They throw him down. And he loves it.   Hamoody is aggressive. You could even call him cocky. His is an invincible, unbend-able will.   As he sits on his bed wearing a Marshawn Lynch jersey holding a football, with a WSU pillow propped up behind him, I ask him about his life philosophy. His credo. He answers this way: "What I do is I'm thankful for my setbacks, and those have become my blessings."




December/January 2014/15

She Gave Me More!
On a cold December day in 1988, a poor crippled Eastern Shore widow named Aunt Mary Riley shared with me the greatest Christmas gift of all. In the spring of 1990, this same 84-year-old woman was found murdered inside her one room house, stabbed to death by a young neighbor boy high on crack cocaine. According to the world's standards, Aunt Mary had nothing of value, but according to God's standards, she possessed the greatest gift of all. Once again, it is my honor to share the true story of how a 15-minute encounter 26 Christmases ago with a precious lady helped me discover the only true gift of lasting value - a gift so precious, it will last for all eternity!   
Merry Christmas to all of you!
Neill G. Russell, web host of Bemadewhole.net 

November 2014

Nik Wallenda - Walking Blindfolded in Faith



Meet Nik Wallenda, known as “The King of the High Wire.” He is the seventh generation of the legendary Great Wallendas and began walking the wire at
age four. Nik stunned the world when he crossed the Grand Canyon untethered in 2013. Watch now as he walks high across the windy Chicago skyline
blindfolded, is a feat no one else could dream of.


October 2014
Albert's Story




Albert Lexie, 71, of Monessen Pa., a member of Mel Hileman Ministries, has been shining shoes at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC since 1982. Just about every Tuesday and Thursday, Albert leaves his home at 5:50 a.m. to arrive at Children’s at 7:25 a.m. to begin shining shoes.  Through the years, the Lord has directed Albert to donate all of his tips – more than $200,000 – to the Free Care Fund, which ensures that all Children’s patients receive the medical care they need regardless of their families’ ability to pay. What makes this gesture so awe-inspiring is that Mr. Lexie only earns about $10,000 a year.  At age 15, Mr. Lexie built a shoeshine box in high school shop class. Today, he makes shoes sparkle for $3 a shine. Usually, customers give him a little extra for “my kids,” as Mr. Lexie calls them. During the last 32 years, he has donated all the tips he has earned from his shoeshine business to Children’s Hospital’s Free Care Fund. Mr. Lexie has received several awards over the years for his 32 years of charity work, including:
  • An Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Outstanding Philanthropist Award from the organization’s Western Pennsylvania Chapter in 2001
  • A 1997 Jefferson Medal for Outstanding Citizen
  • The Donora Rotary honored Lexie with a Community Service Award for his donations to Children’s Hospital
  • 2006 National Caring Award given by the Caring Institute, and inducted into the Hall of Fame for Caring Americans
  • The Foundation for a Better Life, with billboards honoring his charity work.
  • In addition, Lexie has also been on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Jane Pauley Show, and the CBS Evening News